Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello, My name is AriSparkles...

...And I am a libraryholic.

I remember my first library card when I was six, I got it through my school. It was a bright red Brooklyn Public Library card. I remember the cards changing over time. My personal favorite was the dark green one that featured Brooklyn authors' signatures. Today's card is a plain green one with a space for your signature in the front.

I have several favorite libraries. The Shaw neighborhood library in DC, the Kingsway branch in Brooklyn and the main library in Manhattan.

This blog is about books and libraries. I will be reviewing every library book I take out. I will also be reviewing libraries themselves, lamenting the loss of things past, speaking to library folk and speaking about library issues.

Now don't forget to open your books to the back cover and pull out that card-checkout commencing in 3,2,1...

1 comment:

  1. My card has Elmo on it (I got it during the library's celebration of the 40th season of Sesame Street.)
    Hit up the Central branch near Prospect Park. Now THAT is a LIBRARY!