Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Republican party needs more Meghan McCain.

America, You Sexy Bitch
Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain
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"Republicans believe in free speech unless the language being spoken is Spanish. Also, I think they want to give guns to fetuses, - Michael Ian Black

"I'm still a red state girl at heart and I like my men to eat red meat and love god." - Meghan McCain

I am a Democrat, but I spent the last 10 years as a Republican. I switched parties because i don't identify with the right wing and it's goals anymore. But as the title of this post says, the Republican party definitely needs more people like Meghan McCain. She is a conservative who fires guns, loves Jesus, believes in gay marriage and is not above taking a toke now and then. I wonder if the majority of the party is more like her and it's just a minority of the whackjobs screaming loudest that we can hear. Michael Ian Black is hilarious in his own right too, though often I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not.

America, You Sexy Bitch is the story of what happens when you put a leftist comedian ans a right wing commentator/ senator's daughter in an RV and send them across the nation. I laughed out loud at many points and I was thrilled when they didn't kill each other. Ms. McCain is a lot more moderate than I thought she would be. Several times they agreed on issues, but often they did not, but they were quite civil about it. I particularly loved the duo's trip to Branson, MO. Meghan totally having an existential crisis at a Yakov Smirnov comedy show is worth the read. I will probably re read this one multiple times.

Edited because I am a bit dull at state abbreviations.


  1. I've not been to Branson Mississippi. Is it easy to drive an RV there? :)